Southern Florida hurricane season is in full force. Hollywood Beach Florida lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the intercoastal.  With water on both sides of the area, hurricane season can be tricky.  This year in particular, Hollywood Beach, is getting hit with many storms.

The tropical storm Eta landed beach front over night bringing with her intervals of massive amounts of gusty bands of wind and lots of rain fall. Flooding is a big concern in the area. With more rain, and no place to go, it makes for a ugly situation in a place that is typically known as paradise.

Emergency alerts from the National Weather Service is a regular occurrence on my iPhone indicating flash flood warnings for the past 12 hours.  You know, that long loud “beep beep beep beep” and a long loud advisory.

Needless to say, the worst part of the storm is the uninterrupted sleep due to the loud annoying beeping when the alerts come thru in the middle of the night.  However, this is a blessing. My mother always says, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” With a strong urge to shut my phone completely off, I didn’t .  

"One of the impacts we will see is a storm surge."

We made it through the night with out any evacuation orders.  At times, during high tide (3-6 feet sea’s) the sea water touched the end of the sand and pounded into the man made sea wall that lines the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. Yes, it is officially named the “Broadwalk”,  that, my friend, is for another article. At this time, Broward county is advised not to travel unless you are fleeing an area subject to flooding under a evacuation order.

Hollywood Beach Florida coastline, so far so good. The day just began, and tropical storm Eta is still causing concern.  The beach is messy and very little foot traffic in the area. However, A quick relief in the weather allowed time to go trash collecting and scavenger hunting down the coast line at dawn. Please be mindful of the plastic you bring to the beach, lots of it ends up floating into the ocean harming our sea creatures. Stay safe everyone!