Elliott Enterprise I Online Notary Service



Elliott Enterprise is a nationwide professional licensed online Notary Public Service permitted to complete document notarizations remotely via webcam technology. I provide an electronic notary signing services. Due to a new law, and the need for social distancing, you may now legally notarize documents via live video call. With our e-notary service, Remote Online Notary signing (RON) is convenient, secure, and legal. A computer or smartphone is necessary to get your documents notarized with a notary signing agent. Utilizing an electronic signature feature to sign the document in conjunction with an electronic seal to certify it, the electronic notary public (notary signing agent) in Florida is permitted to conduct the online notarial signing duties, valid NATIONWIDE. Our secure RON partner keeps the notarized document confidential and tamper-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your personal information getting hacked.  Refinancing and mortgage signings made simple, conducted from your home office or couch.